The wedding is the great event of a person’s life, the moment your life will turn a new page.

THT Media will share with you the steps to have a dream wedding.

Step 1. Find an object to marry

THT Media knows this is no easy step. But try on you. THT Media will pray for you to meet the truth soon. If you don’t have an audience, you don’t need to read on below. Fold the device and go out to find your lover right away.

Step 2. Persuading the subject to agree to marry him

This step you are no longer alone, THT Media can accompany you in organizing a romantic proposal to ensure your audience will nod immediately.

Step 3. Set a wedding budget

The wedding budget will have the main items such as: wedding photography, wedding dresses, wedding suits, wedding flowers, wedding rings, wedding cars, theater decorations, wedding receptions,… You can ask for more opinions from parents in the house to know more about the necessary work.

Step 4. Make a list and determine the number of guests

The most important factor in the party is the guests. You need to make a careful list of guests to avoid missing important guests or inviting people who are not too close. You can divide guests by relationship, which saves you from missing out on your guests.

There should be unity between the guests of your parents and friends, to determine the most accurate number of guests. Because of this, it determines the choice of the wedding venue as well as the budget spent on the wedding part. You can change your wedding budget again after closing the guest list, and reduce deductions from other budgets to compensate. You should close 1-2 tables in case you suddenly have more guests or guests accompanying relatives.

Step 5. Wedding teaser for people to admire

After preparing for the wedding, you can tease about your big event on Facebook and other social networking sites. This will help you review your guest list. Looking at the interactions of people in your post, you may suddenly remember an important guest that you forgot to include in the list!

Step 6. Choosing a professional photographer

To save happy moments for a lifetime, do not spare money for a professional photographer. Beautiful frames shared on Facebook, tagged with friends’ names or kept in the album will make you feel very happy when you decide to spend money to hire a photographer who is really worth it.

Finally, don’t worry too much about getting married.

You prepare everything very beautifully but the main character looks so godless because he is so tired and sick? Remember, the two of you are the focal point of the party. So don’t worry too much about the wedding. Follow the plan and have faith in it to execute it best. You also have help from both sides of the family, so it will not be too difficult to organize a perfect wedding. In addition, you can ask the organizers at HCM wedding restaurants for advice and support.

THT Media has a WEDDING PACKAGE service that will not make you worry too much.

With the very sincere advice above, hope to help you get a dream wedding. If you encounter any difficulties, please contact THT Media for dedicated advice!

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