TVC Advertising is an acronym for (Television Commercials). A type of visual advertising, introduction of commercial products, or an event broadcast on the television system. TVC commercials are often played by broadcasters before the middle or after the main content of a program. This type of advertising is always widespread, diverse audiences and is not bound by space, time or geographical distance.
TVC can bring content about a certain character’s story, usually celebrities, or influencers in society, they share about product experiences. Or it can be images that evoke charm, images that uphold human values such as family, community … or it’s simply a product built on special effects.

TVC is now considered a very effective weapon to attack customers, brands can spend a huge amount to produce a video image. The reason is because of the following important roles:

  • TVC makes it easier for businesses to promote their image to a wider audience.
  • TVC helps promote the company’s products to customers and consumers.
  • TVC also helps the image of the brand to be built and strengthened in the eyes of customers.
  • TVC also helps to create a potential market with many customers through television viewers.

What are the steps to set up a TVC ad?
Step 1. Collect customer data (Client)
Step 2. Concept
Step 3. Write a literary script (Crips idea)
Step 4. Write a script with illustrations
Step 5. Cast (Casting)
Step 6. Pre-production
Step 7. Post-production
Step 8. Export finished products delivered to customers

After a long period of development, today, TVC has made incredible changes. Many TV commercials have attracted viewers not by images but by music or impressive, memorable messages. This is the highlight that makes the product mentioned in the trailer go into people’s hearts and go viral, even many messages have become catchphrases or a trend even after the ad has stopped airing.

In particular, animated videos have invisible power that attracts children of all ages. But in the family, children are still given the number one priority when watching television. Whether a TVC implementation is fast or slow depends a lot on whether the script idea is simple or complex. So there’s “30 seconds of advertising, sixty years of life.” Sometimes you have to invest a lot of time to build a perfect script for just a few seconds on the air…


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